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We Throw White Flyer Targets


Robinson Ranch Annual Handicap Challenge
Feb. 9 11, 2018
$600.00 Pot Minimum

    Fri. Feb. 9                100 Handicap          $28.00
                                   100 Singles             $28.00
                                   100 Handicap          $28.00


    Sat. Feb. 10             100 Handicap          $28.00
                                   100 Singles             $28.00
                                   100 Handicap          $28.00


    Sun Feb. 11              100 Handicap          $28.00
                                   100 Singles             $28.00


$5.00 ATA/FTA Daily Fees Apply

Winners of each Handicap Event (per yardage group) or shooters that tie for high score in the Friday, Saturday, Sunday events will advance to the shoot off for the pot after the program ends.

18-21.5 yd, 22-24.5 yd,25-27 yd will have one winner per group. Punches will not take effect in the shoot off. The shoot off will be not be part of the program and will be done from original yardage at the time of classification. Shooter must shoot three (3) of the five (5) handicap events and win at least one (1) event to eligible for the shoot off.

Management reserves the right to change or alter the event since this is a club event.

Contact Tom @ 325 572 7339

E Mail robinsonranchtrap.skeet@gmail.com



Gray Fox, Running Bear, Bull Shooters, Wobble Tournament & Club Championship
are non registered events


Now shooting Big 50 ATA Targets Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Camping Available - Contact Tom Haynes
Business (352) 572-7339


The club is available for corporate outings and for private shooting parties.